Storyblok: ‘App absence’ to hamper Vision Pro’s appeal

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The launch of Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset could be hampered by the lack of apps from major platforms.

CMS specialist Storyblok has released a survey of 500 consumers revealing that 81 percent are worried about the absence of key apps impacting the device’s promised “transformative content experiences.” Over half said they were “very concerned.”

Netflix is the latest provider to confirm that it won’t be launching a Vision Pro app alongside Google not providing a native YouTube app. Music streaming giant Spotify has also indicated that it has no plans for a Vision Pro app.

This spells trouble given 64 percent plan entertainment as the main Vision Pro activity, the highest of any use-case. Gaming (63%), web browsing (52%) and social media (51%) rounded out the top planned use cases.

While many consumers remain interested in Vision Pro’s potential – 61 percent are more interested now than at announcement and 56 percent expect daily use – many could be disappointed with the reality of “app absence” from their favourite platforms.

Key survey findings:

  • 63 percent think Vision Pro superior to Meta Quest 3, with 23 percent disagreeing
  • Lack of apps/content was the second most cited reason not to purchase in 2023, trailing only pricing concerns
  • 39 percent unwilling to buy this year reported lack of apps as the main barrier

“Without great content, Apple Vision Pro is going to struggle beyond early adopters,” said Storyblok CEO Dominik Angerer. “Some of the most popular content platforms not having apps is clearly a setback for Apple’s introduction of spatial computing.”

Angerer urged brands to rethink content strategies for the growing range of devices, as patience for a limited Vision Pro ecosystem may fade despite current consumer interest.

With developers and platforms slow to build out Vision Pro capabilities, the initial receptiveness among shoppers could wane if the content fails to match the high expectations that have been set.

The full survey results can be found here.

(Image Credit: Apple)

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