Nokia boosts IoT capabilities for the industrial edge

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Nokia has announced the addition of five new third-party IoT applications for its MX Industrial Edge platform, enhancing industrial IoT capabilities in areas like asset tracking, positioning, indoor navigation, and worker safety. 

The new applications leverage the low latency, resilient connectivity, and embedded intelligence of the MX Industrial Edge to enable more efficient industrial operations. By deploying these applications at the edge of the network near industrial assets and workers, Nokia aims to overcome common challenges like inefficient asset utilisation and poor inventory management.

Two of the new applications focus specifically on tracking and positioning industrial assets in real-time using technologies like RFID and visual positioning systems. Nordic ID offers a complete RFID solution to digitally identify and track supply chain assets, while svarmony’s visual positioning app helps workers navigate complex environments. A third app from HERE provides highly accurate outdoor GPS tracking of vehicles and personnel.

On the worker safety front, Nokia partnered with Portalify and Secapp to develop smart solutions for lone worker situations and effective emergency response. Portalify’s SmartView app uses a combination of positioning technologies to locate workers and share that location data with response teams when an alert is triggered. Meanwhile, Secapp offers secure messaging and video chat platforms specifically designed for critical incident management.

Nokia is making these IoT applications available on MX Industrial Edge as cloud-based services, simplifying deployment and management for industrial enterprises looking to derive more value from IoT data.

Combined with the computing power and wireless connectivity capabilities of the edge platform, Nokia believes these new apps bring powerful new IoT use cases to customers across manufacturing, logistics, and other operational environments.

“As digital transformation accelerates across industries, organisations need a diverse mix of IoT applications to solve pressing challenges,” said Stephan Litjens, VP of Nokia’s Enterprise Campus Edge Solutions.

“The latest additions to our Industrial Application Catalog leverage the intelligent edge to enhance efficiency, safety and emergency preparedness for industrial workers.”

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